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Amazing learning results of 5 months
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A new world in the field of English listening, pronunciation, and speaking education in Korea !

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If there is any falsehood in the learning outcomes,
we will pay you 100 million won.

Student, Mr. S Kim
(Male, mid-20s, university student)

Student, Ms. Y. Hwang
(Female, mid-40s, graduate student)

Student, Mr. H. Kim
(Male, mid-40s, self-employed)

Student, Ms. R. Choi
(Female, mid-30s, employee)

Student, Ms. S. Yoon
(Female, late-40s, employee)

The ability to pronounce and speak English at a normal pace actually means the ability to accurately listen to and understand it at a normal pace.

Would it be possible not to accurately listen while you can accurately pronounce and speak English at a normal pace?

The Distinctiveness of Younghan School

The miraculous learning results confirmed by students.

A step-by-step learning and training program crafted on a solid foundation of the latest English education and language theories.

Real-time Zoom video lectures conducted by the main instructor, who has 10 years of experience studying in the USA and specializes in English education.

An integrated program of lectures, training, coaching and feedback designed to produce optimal learning outcomes.

Video training content available on PC or smartphone, allowing learning from anywhere (weekly training instructions provided).

Monitoring of weekday student training progress, Q&A sessions, clear guidance, and motivation.

Simultaneous understanding of English thinking patterns and the mastery of English sentence structures for clear and direct communication.

Best student satisfaction in the program.

5-month curriculum of Amercian English Class
for Listening, Pronunciation, and Speaking

The Class is designed with a step-by-step and systematic approach, starting from the phonetic units
(consonants, vowels) and progressing to native-level speaking at a normal pace.

 * 1st Month: Orientation, Principles of Articulation, Principles and Training of Consonants [+ Mastering English Sentences]
 * 2nd Month: Principles and Training of Vowels [+ Mastering English Sentences]
 * 3rd Month: Syllables, Words, Thought Group, Stress, Rhythm [+ English Breathing and Resonance Place]
 * 4th Month: Intonation, Pitch, Elision, Contraction, Weakening, Assimilation [+ English Breathing and Resonance Place]
 * 5th Month: Training and Coaching for Speaking at Normal Speed

   The Class thoroughly analyzes the fundamental causes of not hearing English sounds. Following validated methodologies from the fields of English education, English phonetics, and acoustic phonetics, the curriculum is structured using a bottom-up approach that systematically masters English sounds, starting from phonemes (consonants, vowels) to speaking at a normal pace. This approach mirrors the step-by-step, systematic process by which native speakers acquire their mother tongue.

   Additionally, recognizing that comprehension of English sentences is a prerequisite for listening, during the first two months, the curriculum runs concurrently with the “Mastering English Sentences” course. This course is based on a textbook developed by the main instructor after two years of research, titled “English Thinking Patterns and the Structure and Types of English Sentences

Target Students

   – Employees of foreign and domestic companies in urgent need of practical English skills
   – University/graduate students studying abroad in English-speaking countries and those preparing for study abroad 
Korean expatriates residing overseas, individuals planning immigration/residency, and those considering language courses abroad
Learners who are eager to significantly improve their American English listening, pronunciation, speaking at a normal pace, and sentence comprehension skills 

Class Information

– Duration of the course: Total of 20 weeks (5 months)

– Weekly Zoom video lecture is conducted once a week, with each session lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes. [As it is a real-time Zoom lecture, it is accessible for attendance from anywhere in the world.]

– Lecture materials and video training content are to be uploaded on the day of each class to the “My Classroom” section on the Younghan School website.

– After the lecture, there will be individual training and assignments during the week. The main instructor will provide coaching and feedback on the assignments.

– Tuition fee: 150,000 won per month, or a total of 750,000 for 5 months, payable all at once or in 2 or 3 installments over 5 months. When requesting a refund, it will be processed according to the refund policy.

Main Instructor, Noah

최필성 앉은 v1

I teach English properly
which I learned
in mainstream American society.

   – Attended Hanyang University with the major of English Language and Literature, South Korea
   – Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA
   – Master’s degree in English Education (TESOL) from the Graduate School of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

Professional Experience
   – Main instructor at Younghan School
   – 10 years of living in the United States (university and professional work experience)
   – Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in California, USA
   – Worked at multinational companies such as PwC and Siemens
   – Former English instructor at Chase English Academy
   – Member of the Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE)
   – Member of the Korean Association for the Study of English Language and Linguistics (KASELL)
   – Operator of the YouTube channel “Younghan School”
   – Operator of the Naver Cafe “Younghan School”

Published works
   – “English Thinking Patterns and the Structure and Types of English Sentences” (2022)
   – Thesis titled “Comparison of the effectiveness of multimedia on vocabulary learning” (2016)

Student Review

A sample student review from a former student (female, late 40s, employee).
More reviews are available in Korean page.

(Translation in English)   

   Hello, my name is Maria, and I took the  Class for the past five months. I am a nurse with over 20 years of experience, well into my 40s. Despite my age, I challenged myself to become a registered nurse in the United States and am currently awaiting my P4 visa as part of the immigration process after receiving a job offer.

   Before starting this class, I had studied English for the IELTS exam required for the Visa Screen, but I had a typical Korean accent. Even when preparing for job interviews using Zoom, I was filled with a desire to speak English fluently but didn’t know the proper methods. I often found myself imitating and memorizing without a clear understanding. As someone who had children with experience in English immersion programs, I struggled to imitate the sounds they effortlessly made, leading to a lack of confidence.

   By chance, I discovered Younghan School and decided to start training my English pronunciation at an age when language learning is considered challenging. Initially, I questioned the necessity of training in English phonetics and articulation principles. However, after listening to the transformed pronunciation of a former student, I decided to follow the instructor’s training methods faithfully. I was surprised to realize that the sounds of the alphabet I learned in school and those pronounced by North American were completely different. From that moment on, I started to hear their pronunciation much better.

   I enjoy walking and exercising daily, so I practiced the assigned training while walking. This way, I didn’t have to set aside specific time for training, and it became a natural habit. I extended my practice gradually, focusing on consonants, vowels, words, phrases, and sentence structures. The weekly assignments provided a sense of accomplishment, and immediate feedback from the instructor helped correct mistakes promptly. I gained the confidence to pronounce challenging sounds like Dark L or R convincingly. Sounds that were initially challenging, such as variations and contractions, became easy to articulate, and my listening skills improved rapidly.

   Consistent daily training was not an easy process, especially in the later stages when practicing sentence and paragraph listening and speaking became painful. I often questioned if I was following correctly and lacked confidence. However, at those times, the sincere support and coaching from the dedicated instructor became a great source of strength. Thanks to the instructor’s genuine passion and coaching, I believe I was able to complete the long Class.

   These days, English sentences come to mind automatically, and I can speak them easily. I even dream in English. I have been consistently practicing listening and speaking skills, allowing me to watch Netflix’s “Good Doctor” without subtitles, including English ones. While not perfect, I can understand and enjoy the content without major difficulties.

   For those who are urgently preparing for immigration or residence abroad, and especially for individuals like me who became U.S. nurses but lack confidence in English conversation and listening, I highly recommend taking this course. Learning the pronunciation principles of English, a language that is not a native language, will open your ears and experiences, just like a baby learns its mother tongue by listening and imitating hundreds and thousands of times.

   I appreciate the enthusiastic instructor who supports students even on holidays and generously provides a well-structured curriculum with principles, theories, methods, and know-how for effective foreign language acquisition. Don’t hesitate to follow the curriculum diligently; I believe you will become an English speaker not inferior to a native speaker.

Thank you, October 5, 2023 Yun

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